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ExCarb and Insulin

Try out the calculator to see some tips

Tips For
Aerobic Exercise

For Planned Aerobic Exercise (up to 2 hours after a meal) either

REDUCE the meal time bolus before exercising to x units


TAKE xx additional grams of carbohydrate

If exercising more than 2 hours after last meal take xxx extra grams of carbohydrates

For those on insulin pump therapy try reducing the basal rate by 50% (cutting it in half) 90 minutes before exercise and for 1 hour after exercise. (This method MAY need to extra carbs too!!)

For UNPLANNED Aerobic Exercise (when you can't adjust the insulin taken before exercising):

Take up to an additional xx grams carbohydrate


Whenever you take extra carbs you may need to take some of this BEFORE starting exercise, some DURING and some AT THE END)

NOTE: This calculator will not work for ANAEROBIC EXERCISE (weight lifting, squats etc) as blood sugar levels may rise in which case you may need more insulin – discuss this with your diabetes team.

If you did significant exercise remember to have a meal with complete carbohydrates (starches - bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) in the evening and monitor blood sugar overnight.

You may need to reduce your long acting insulin (or basal rate) overnight.You can adjust these numbers UP or DOWN to find out what works best for you.