Four Men with Type 1 Diabetes Safely Complete a Trail Running Ultramarathon - ExCarbs

Four brave men with type 1 diabetes successfully completed an ultramarathon in Poland to better understand metabolic safety during extreme physical exertion conditions. To ensure their safe travels, the men received pre-competition consultations with experts who controlled glucose levels via a glucometer during the marathon and assisted with insulin pump therapy (CSII).

Clinical test checkpoints were performed at three different locations across the 82 km route, closely monitoring everything from plasma lactate levels, to carbohydrate and fluid intake as well as ketones in the capillary blood.

People with type 1 diabetes can undertake even the most extreme physical exertion activities and avoid hypoglycemia if insulin dosage as well as carbohydrate consumption are appropriately and safely adjusted. Preparation and close work with their diabetes team can make participation in physical activities not only achievable, but successful.

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