Planning Exercise - ExCarbs

Planning is easy, and the best way to begin is by making sure your blood glucose levels are as well controlled as possible prior to starting exercise.

When in doubt, talk to your diabetes team. This is especially important if you have a lot of lows or your usual warning signs of a low are less reliable. Learn from your experiences!

Here are five things to think about to help you plan and prepare better for exercise:


5 Steps for Planning Exercise


Will my exercise be aerobic, anaerobic or a mixture of both?

See Aerobic and Anaerobic


When will I exercise in relation to meals?

This matters because of the amount of insulin in the system at the start of exercise. In general, higher insulin in the body means a greater likelihood blood sugar levels will drop. See Glucose Management


How long will I exercise for?

The longer you exercise the more of the body’s stores of glucose will be used up and the greater the risk of a low if you do not supplement with extra carbs.


What are my blood glucose levels, before I start to exercise?

You should check blood glucose levels immediately before starting. Also, check blood glucose levels every 30 minutes during, and up to 2 hours before you start to exercise so that you are aware of whether you are rising and falling and therefore will need to think about extra carbs.


Have I had a significant hypo in the last 24 hours?

It is best to avoid exercise for the first 24 hours after a severe low blood glucose level.