Researchers find no impairment in exercise performance in youth with type 1 diabetes - ExCarbs

Researchers tested to see if young people with T1D using modern insulin treatment and continuous glucose monitoring technology could successfully participate in extreme sport activity while maintaining good glycemic control.

The challenge took place in Crete/Greece over 4 days combining a long-distance trek of different levels of severity with final destination the summit of the White Mountains at 2080 m. Eleven young T1 participants from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Greece, France, India, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden participated to the challenge. The group walked almost 55 km under varying climate conditions (temperature 14-35 °C) without any problems related to severe hypoglycemia or DKA (with proper training and technology).
Young people with type 1 diabetes can undertake even extraordinary physical challenges while maintaining good diabetes control.

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