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10 ExCarbs

Be prepared – think about what exercise you would like to do, when you would like to do it, how long for and how often?

You will need to know what your blood sugar levels are before, during and after exercise. Ideally best start with your glucose levels around 126-180 mg/dl (7-10 mmol/l).

Don’t exercise if you have ketones in your blood (> 1.5 mmol/l) or urine (> 4 mmol/l).

Don’t exercise if you have had a severe hypo (low) within the previous 24 hours.

Always have plenty of your favorite carbohydrates (“carbs”) on hand to prevent hypos.

Wear diabetes identification (bracelet, or necklace) and let the friends around you know what to do if your blood sugar drops too low.

If you are planning to exercise on your own let someone know when you are expected to finish.

Don’t consume too much alcohol after exercise – this will increase your risk of a severe hypo.

Try to learn your patterns of responses to exercise at different times of day, and choose the time of day that gives you the best blood sugar control.

If you have any complications related to diabetes or any other medical conditions talk to your diabetes team FIRST.